Traffic Trivia

Date      Question/Answer

10-13-16 – 42% of people plan to do this during the holiday shopping season. What is it?

place something on layaway

10-12-16 – The average mother says this 122 times a year. What is it?

Go clean your room

10-10-16 – THIS was picked as the ‘most soothing sound’ in a poll on the topic.

Chirping Birds

10-7-16 – 8% of men have done this to impress a woman? What is it?

taken dance lessons

10-6-16 – This has made 30% of men cry? What is it?

a child being born

10-5-16 – 10% of the population knows someone, who has done this while dating. What is it?

dated or married a relative

10-3-16 – 15% of men do this poorly so they won’t get asked to do it again. What is it?

wash dishes

9-28-16 – Women are more than 50% more likely to do THIS than men.

Sing in the Shower

9-27-16 – 7% of people do this after a workout. What is it?

smoke a cigarette

9-23-16 – 67% of men have done this for their lady. What is it?

wash their car

9-22-16 – 56% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn’t offer this. What is it?

access to social media during the day

9-21-16 – 50% of women have attempted to do this at one time or another. What is it?

straighten their hair

9-19-16 – 24% of employers say this is the number one reason they didn’t hire someone. What is it?

being late for the interview

9-16-16 – 94% of Men are afraid of this

Losing their hair

9-13-16 – 50% of women have done this to motivate themselves to lose weight. What is it?

bought a pair of skinny jeans in hopes they would lose weight and be able to wear them

9-12-16 – A man burns 1,200 calories doing this. What is it?

getting excited while watching football

9-8-16 – 1 in 4 of us have been late for work because of THIS:

Forgetting their phone

9-6-16 –  Most people do THIS 3 times a week, especially on weekends:

Eat at a restaurant

9-1-16 – 56% of people do this on a date because it makes them feel more confident. What is it?

wear black

8-31-16 – 1-in-5 husbands say they’d rather have their wives do THIS at night rather than them.

Check a strange noise

8-30-16 – 88% of people believe doing this helps them land a job. What is it?

88% of people believe wearing shiny shoes to an interview helps them land a job.

8-29-16 – 53% of men don’t know how to do this. What is it?

tie a tie

8-26-16 – The average man first does this at age 34. What is it?

trims ear hair

8-25-16 – 75% of kids lie about this. What are they lying about?

lie about completing their homework

8-24-16 – Just the smell of THIS makes people act nicer toward one another, according to recent research.


8-23-16 – According to a new poll, 40% of moms do THIS to make things go smoother in the morning when they drive their kids to school.

Wear their PJs

8-22-16 – About three-quarters of us get annoyed if we have to wait more than 1 minute for THIS.


8-15-16 – 76% of women have given their partner one of these. What is it?

a ‘to do’ list

8-5-16 – There’s a 1-in-3 chance you’ll do THIS on your next vacation.

Forget something

8-2-16 – 47% of people have injured themselves while doing this at home. What is it?

smashed a finger with a hammer

8-1-16 – Women do THIS more than men during their daily commute.

Drive on ‘Empty’.

7-29-16 – 1-in-5 homeowners has one of THESE that doesn’t work and has no intention of fixing it.

A Door Bell

7-27-16 – 60% of people don’t know how to properly do this. What is it?

jumpstart a battery using black and red cables (not sure which cables go where)

7-25-16 – According to a recent survey, the average parent has 15 of THESE per day.

Minutes of free time

7-20-16 –  60% of brides say they dread THIS the most about their wedding.

The Best Mans Speech

7-14-16 – 56% of homes still have one of these. What is it?

cordless phone

7-13-16 – 46% of men wash this article every two months. What is it?


7-12-16 – 96% of people know this sound within two seconds. What is it?

ice cream truck

7-11-16 – 12% of roommates have secretly borrowed this. What is it?

their roommate’s toothbrush

7-8-16 – 88% of men owned one of these as a child. What is it?

squirt gun

7-7-16 – Doing this for 26 minutes a day will burn 100 calories. What is it?

slow dancing

7-6-16 – 7-out-of-10 of us have resorted to using THIS to brush our teeth.

A Finger

7-1-16 –  If you’re married there’s a 76% chance you’re doing THIS less than you’re supposed to be.


6-30-16 – 32% of people have done this in a pool. What is it?

belly flopped

6-24-16 – THIS happens to the average woman about 6 times a month

She has a bad hair day

6-23-16 – 40% of people have experienced this on a date. What is it?

credit card declined

6-22-16 – The secret to a happy relationship is to do THIS at least 6 times a week; 10-to-12 would be even better.

Say Thank you

6-21-16 – 20 million people wear these. What is it?


6-20-16 – 29% of men have done this at one time or another because they believe it makes them look cool. What is it?

worn sunglasses at night

6-17-16 – Father’s Day Trivia: 62% of fathers have embarassed their children by doing this. What is it?

walking in front of their children’s friends in just their underwear

6-16-16 – 23% of men have forgotten to do this before a date. What is it?

trim their nose hair

6-15-16 – An angry gorilla does THIS to show anger while a native of Tibet does it to show respect.

They stick out their tongues

6-14-16 – Fully half of couples say they do THIS separately.


6-13-16 – Father’s Day is Sunday. 46% of men experience this personal problem on a daily basis. What is it?

a wedgie

6-10-16 – 50% of women admit to doing THIS to impress someone in the office.

Wear Red Lipstick

6-9-16 – 17% of pets have one of these. What is it?

a social media account

6-8-16 – The average person forgets to do THIS at least 5 times a month.

Wear deodorant

6-6-16 – 1-in-5 adults admit they absolutely could not complete THIS task if they were asked to do it today.

Pass a written driving test

6-3-16 – 1-in-4 of men polled say they would not date a woman if she had one of THESE:

A Twin

5-26-16 – Today THESE cost just a few bucks, but the first one in 1981 cost $20,000.

A computer mouse

5-24-16 – If you still have VHS movies at home, THIS is the title you’re most likely to have.

The Lion King

5-23-16 – Only 2% of women have ever done this to their car. What is it?

wax their car

5-19-16 – 3% of people have cracked a tooth on this. What is it?

unpopped popcorn kernel

5-18-16 – 90% of us admit we do THIS, but 80% won’t do it if anyone else is around.

Sing in the car. (Women and redheads are most likely to.)

5-17-16 – The average person has 10 of these. What is it?

10 presets for their favorite radio stations

5-16-16 – The average woman in her 20’s does this twice a month. What is it?

visits a tanning salon

5-13-16 – Teenagers say THIS is the thing that distracts them most while they’re driving.

Texts from their parents

5-12-16 – 17% of people do this while on vacation. What is it?

call home and chat with their pet

5-11-16 –  In an attempt to improve their appearance, more than ¼ of men have done this:

Shaved their Chest

5-10-16 – Around 75% of people had fun doing this as a kid. What is it?

using a Slip N Slide

5-9-16 – Only 30% of people can do this. What is it?

flare their nostrils

5-6-16 – This year about 2,000 bicyclists will be injured when they do THIS.

Run into an open car door

5-5-16 – 50% of school children have this. What is it?


5-4-16 – 13% of men find this sexy. What is it?

women with hairy legs

4-21-16 – The average person performs THIS function 22 times a day.

Opens the refrigerator

4-19-16 – 80% of women say they can determine what kind of lover a man will be by this. What is it?

his shoes

4-18-16 – The average person knows 2 people in high school who had THIS.

A Uni-brow

4-6-16 – 30% of men have done this to improve their appearance. What is it?

shave their chest

4-5-16 – 1-in-10 men keep THIS for over 10 years.

Their underwear

4-1-16 – Over 1-in-4 women surveyed say they would most like to change THIS about their mothers.

Their hairstyle

3-31-16 – 60% of women wear this because they believe it makes them appear friendly? What is it?

bright lipstick

3-29-16 – The average woman waits 2½ months before doing THIS in front of her partner.

Go without makeup

3-28-16 – 1-in-5 drivers will experience THIS today.

A dashboard warning light

3-25-16 – 54% of kids have done this to themselves. What is it?

gotten gum stuck in their hair

3-21-16 – 18% of people have a favorite one of these. What is it?


3-14-16 – 12% of people have left the house wearing this. What is it?

different colored socks

3-8-16 – You can become addicted to THIS food item, says a University of  Michigan study.

Cheese pizza

3-7-16 – The average woman complains about THIS twice a day.


3-4-16 – 90% of people have embarrassed themselves by doing this.What is it?

stomach growl

3-3-16 – 68% of men would never admit to using this. What is it?


3-2-16 – If you’re in a relationship, you probably did THIS for about 4 hours last month.


2-29-16 – 42% of women say this is the number one thing they look for in a date. What is it?

a man that is taller than her

2-26-16 – A poll of pharmacists finds THIS is the question they get asked most often

Can I drink alcohol with this medication?

2-25-16 – 40% of people have yelled out for help after this happened. What is it?

ran out of toilet paper

2-23-16 –  18% of women do this before stepping on a scale


2-22-16 – 15% of women made their man do this at some point during the past weekend. What is it?

watch a chick flick

2-15-16 – According to a poll of adults, THIS is the #1 thing we remember arguing with our siblings about as kids.

who is riding shotgun

2-11-16 –  6% of men have used this product, even though it’s meant for women.


2-4-16 –  The average woman complains about THIS twice a day.


2-1-16 – 24% of men have done this at a party while drinking. What is it?

kissed a best friend and said “I love you man!

1-29-16 – 78% of women get annoyed with their man when he does this.What is it?

overreact with a cheer or scream for his favorite sports team

1-28-16 – 44% of kindergartners have done this. What is it?

kiss another student

1-27-16 – About 1 in 5 drivers keep THIS in the glove compartment.

A Tube of toothpaste

1-25-16 – About 1-in-10 people do this in the morning, while the rest find it impossible

Wake up without an alarm

1-22-16 – 14% of parents have almost crashed while doing this in the car. What is it?

disciplining their kids

1-21-16 – 66% of women would rather receive this than a wedding proposal. What is it?

job promotion

1-20-16 – A survey shows about 1-in-3 guys have borrowed THIS from their ladies.


1-19-16 – 20% of women over 40 admit to finding this person ‘cute’. Who is it?

one of their son’s friends

1-18-16 – 26% of men say this has improved their love life. What is it?

her reading Fifty Shades of Grey

1-14-16 – 47% of people have done this in the morning. What is it?

done the Walk of Shame

1-12-16 –  A poll finds that over half of us had THIS New Year’s resolution. Nope, not lose weight

Get a new job

1-11-16 – 1-in-3 wives wish their husbands would do THIS more often.

Hold hands

1-8-16 – 12% of people have done this while driving. What is it?


1-7-16 – 92% of women hate it when a man wears this. What is it?’

leather pants

1-6-16 – 25% of men won’t date a woman if she has this. What is it?

facial piercing

1-5-16 – 14% of men would never admit they enjoy doing this. What is it?

watching a soap opera or a movie on a female-targeted TV network

1-4-16 – Over 19,000 people have injured themselves doing this. What is it?

fallen on a treadmill at the gym