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The Know from Music Row

Britt’s Picks…favorite song of the week! 

Meet Britt…she is that sassy blonde who isn’t afraid to admit she is cornfed.  The girl that is runnin’ down the dirt roads putting on all sorts of miles on her jeep just to find you the music news and artist interviews you are looking for…and make no doubt she will be there with her boots and a baseball hat and most likely either a fluffy coffee or a cold beverage in her hand! She will be bringing ya the music that rocks her out or has a background. She doesn’t always pick from the top 40 so ya better be listening closely when she finds some of that red dirt and Texas country to throw into the mix cause this ain’t what ya hear on the other stations. Follow along down road to concerts, events, and rodeos for the fun times and randomness that she seems to find! And listen daily as she might sneak some of those tickets from J.Brooks so you can be the next winner or be able to meet your fav country artist!