Campout for Kids

High costs of school supplies impact children and parents alike posing a challenge during this Back to School Season!

Join Coloff Media radio stations KIOW Mix 107.3, 98.7 Kiss Country, 103.7 The Fox, 95.9 KCHA and Hy-Vee during our Campout For Kids school drive!

We’ll take our “Mobile Barn” from Hy-Vee location to Hy-Vee location in Mason City, Forest City, Garner and Charles City to collect school supplies to donate to our area schools!

Campout for Kids is brought to you by…

Items needed include:

#2 PencilsWet Wipes
NotebookWatercolor Paints
CrayonsPlastic Folders
Erasers Index Cards
HighlightersBlack / Blue pens
ProtractorRed Pen
Black Dry Erase MarkersLoose leaf paper
Washable MarkersSpiral Notebooks
Glue SticksKleenex
GlueLysol Wipes
Fiskars scissorsColored Pencils
HeadphonesWhite out
Pencil Case3 ring binders
Zip Lock Bags

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