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6-19-20 Good Stuff Stories

An uplifting poem about 2020 has been trending on Instagram.  It starts with the line, “What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?  What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for?  A year so uncomfortable, so […]

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6-18-20 Good Stuff Stories

At least one country has shown this won’t last forever.  New Zealand just removed almost all of its restrictions.  Because as of last week, there were zero known cases of coronavirus there.   Two healthcare […]

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6-16-20 Good Stuff Stories

Two college students in L.A. used their spring break to create a nonprofit called The FarmLink Project that helps farmers donate unsold food to food banks.  Their first donation was 11,000 eggs, and they picked […]

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6-15-20 Good Stuff Stories

Another person who was inspired by Captain Tom Moore is walking for charity.  A 103-year-old retired doctor in Belgium is walking a marathon in his yard this month.  He started June 1st . . . […]

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6-12-20 Good Stuff Story

They couldn’t receive their diplomas on stage because of the coronavirus outbreak, so he brought the graduation to them instead. A Texas high school principal traveled 1,500 miles over a 10-day period to congratulate each […]

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6-11-20 Good Stuff Story

Two teenagers who started helping their grandparents during the coronavirus outbreak have turned their goodwill into a nationwide volunteer delivery service with 14 chapters across the country. Drew and Matt created Teens Helping Seniors, which […]


6-10-20 Good Stuff Story

A World War II veteran from Minnesota is celebrating his 100th birthday with an act of kindness that will help feed thousands of people in his community. Mickey Nelson, 99, is walking 100 miles through […]

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6-9-20 Good Stuff Story

Every May, the Waldorf school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, brings their eighth grade students on a class trip—a trip that the kids have all worked toward, by raising the money selling burritos and pizzas. […]

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6-8-20 Good stuff Story

A Minneapolis middle school put out a call for 85 meal kits for students and families after many of the city’s stores were looted or destroyed during protests. Last Sunday, faculty and families were pleasantly […]