6-11-20 Good Stuff Story

Two teenagers who started helping their grandparents during the coronavirus outbreak have turned their goodwill into a nationwide volunteer delivery service with 14 chapters across the country.

Drew and Matt created Teens Helping Seniors, which connects older adults with volunteers who will deliver groceries or other supplies right to their doorstep. Most of the teens who deliver groceries have a driver’s license, but they can also walk, bike or carpool with their parents to a store to fulfill an order for a client.

Their albany chapter has completed about 350 deliveries. Matt said, adding that volunteers are instructed to use disinfectant wipes to clean the bags of groceries before dropping them off.

The first time I went, it took me forever to find everything. I had to go to every aisle multiple times, but you start to learn the layout and get faster,” said Jacob another volunteer who is 16, he rarely went grocery shopping before this…“It’s definitely given me a greater appreciation of my mom when she goes grocery shopping,” he said.

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