6-5-20 Good Stuff Story

(MJSonline) The coronavirus pandemic will not slow Shannon Schultz’s mission.

It did cancel some of the plans the Cedarburg resident had for her Kindness Countdown project, but what’s another challenge when you’ve scheduled 45 acts of kindness, one a week — to be completed by your 45th birthday? 

The acts were as simple as donating blood, something she has done every eight weeks for the past five years. In November, one act of kindness was to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

The list goes on. She adopted a chicken that had stopped laying eggs from a friend (an addition to the ones she already has). Schultz taped $1 bills in different spots at a local Dollar Store.

When others ask how she finds the time for the Kindness Countdown — and the blog that goes with it — she has a ready answer; “Anytime something is important to you, you’ll make time,” Schultz said. “This has become a priority for us.”

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