5-20-20 Good Stuff: Isolation Creations

Isolation Creations is an inclusive space to share and showcase some of the incredible creative work that has been ongoing during this period of essential isolation. It’s as much a space for ‘creatives’ as those who would never consider themselves as such. It is a platform for anything and everything you are willing to share – music, photos,  podcasts, writing, artwork, videos, DIY, baking and anything else you can possibly think of! We have no requirements, only that you respect and enjoy the wonderful work that has been (and continues to be) made in these difficult times. 

 They are an evolving collection, so if you have anything you would like to contribute you can by going to their site. And they want to say A massive thanks to the many creators who’ve allowed their work to be shown here and have come together in a spirit of community that very much exists, and is continuously growing, today. 

CLICK HERE for their website, to submit, and to see all the creations 


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