5-19-20 Good Stuff: Wisconsin Virtual lemonade stand takes off, raising $25,000

Virtual lemonade stand takes off, raising $25,000

In many ways, Morgan Marsh-McGlone is a typical 7-year-old girl. On a recent day, she is pleading with her parents for a puppy and can’t wait for the pillow fort and pajama party her teacher is hosting on Zoom for her Lapham Elementary School class. 

But she is also aware of adult issues, like the fact some kids in her Madison school community and beyond have “food insecurity.” 

So the little girl with a big heart pivoted on a plan she had to open a lemonade stand and raise money for kangaroos affected by the Australian wildfires. Instead, she is raising money to feed other children whose families are out of work because of COVID-19.

Thanks to her idea for a virtual lemonade stand, she has raised nearly $25,000. That’s enough money to feed roughly 600 families for a week. 

To see the whole story and how to donate CLICK HERE


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