5-7-20 Know from Music Row

Gabby Barrett talks about coming up with the idea for “I Hope,” which just became her first No. 1 song last week:

(Gabby Barrett-westwood) “I went into a co-write with two other male friends of mine, and they had the idea of: ‘Let’s write a breakup song where the guy does the girl bad but the girl wishes the guy well in the end.’ And, I automatically was just like, ‘That is not how women [Gabby chuckles]…that is not how women think. That’s not how we take it – we kind of want to see ‘what goes around comes around,’ and we want to see y’all suffer a little bit,’ which is bad, but that’s how it goes. So, I wanted to have a song where females and other people could dedicate that song to that person that they have in their head that they never got to say what they truly wanted to.”

Jon Pardi has a lot of extra time to binge watch TV shows right now, and he says one of his favorites is the Netflix crime drama “Money Heist”:

(Jon Pardi) “My favorite show on Netflix right now is the ‘Money Heist.’ It’s originally in Spanish but overdubbed in English. It’s very good, even though you can tell that it’s overdubbed.”

Tenille Townes announced she will release her debut album, The Lemonade Stand, on June 26.

Produced by Jay Joyce, The Lemonade Stand features 12 songs, all of which were co-penned by Tenille, including her major-label debut single, “Somebody’s Daughter.”

“The Lemonade Stand is a collection of songs that mean so much to me and are the way I see the world in this season of my life right now,” says Tenille. “I want this music to be like a gathering place, where people can come and be filled up. I hope this record reminds people of who they are, that they are not alone, and reminds them of their dreams. This record is the dream that I had when I was a seven-year-old kid singing along in the backseat of the car. She would really be freaking out right now.”

Toby Keith paid tribute to the Statler Brothers’ Harold Reid by covering the quartet’s most popular tune, “Flowers on the Wall.” Harold, who passed away on April 24 at the age of 80, was the longtime bass vocalist in the Statler Brothers.

Toby covered “Flowers on the Wall” during his YouTube quarantine series, The Furniture Store Guitar Sessions.


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