5-7-20 Good Stuff

  Taco Bell recently turned its headquarters in Irvine, California into a free drive-thru for big trucks, so firefighters and EMTs could get food.  And they’re doing it again tomorrow.



3.  A new survey found most people feel like they’re handling the crisis pretty well so far, all things considered.  Only 9% of people said they’re NOT handling it well.



4.  Santa is making an early appearance this year.  He’s been self-isolating at a “summer home” in Annapolis, Maryland, and video chatting with kids to lift their spirits.



5.  Mattel has a new line of Fisher-Price action figures based on frontline workers, including doctors, nurses, and EMTs.  They’re calling it their “Thank You Heroes” line.





6.  A company that syncs drones together for aerial displays did an epic “thank you” show for healthcare workers on Tuesday.  It happened outside a hospital at the University of Pennsylvania.




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