5-6-20 Know from Music Row

Ryan Hurd tells the story of how his nostalgic new single, “Every Other Memory,” came together:

(Ryan Hurd) “‘Every Over Memory’ just felt like such a nostalgic track. I remember writing it and thinking ‘Man there’s just so much cool cadence here’ and just the way the words came out and it just felt like each picture was really amazing. And, it’s so cool because it feels like each line of the song feels like an emoji.”

Kenny Chesney can’t wait to perform “Here and Now” live, because, as he puts it, the stage is the perfect place for a song like this:

(Kenny Chesney) “We all try to plan ahead or we’re all living in the past and it’s really hard to live in the moment and to live in the here and now. And in my opinion there’s no other place that happens, for me anyway, and what a beautiful place for that to happen, than on stage in front of so many people that’s living in the here and now with you.”

Keith Urban continues to give fans a glimpse into his upcoming studio album (fall 2020) with the release of “Polaroid” last week.

Penned by Sam Fischer, Steph Jones, Geoff Warburton, Griffen Palmer and Mark Trussell, “Polaroid” follows the recent release of Keith’s new single, “God Whispered Your Name,” which is currently No. 15 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart after eight weeks.

“I really connected with the song,” says Keith. “I used to have this house that I lived in with a few guys in my band and at some point, someone gave us this Polaroid camera. We used it to take pictures of everybody and everything?crazy stuff that happened. We had all of them posted on a big board and I so clearly saw that the minute I heard the song.”

Keith also dropped a cinematically savvy new video for “Polaroid,” which was directed by Dano Serny.


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