5-5-20 Know from Music Row

Thomas Rhett says he always keeps his children in mind when he’s writing lyrics to a new song:

“When I’m writin’ a song and there’s a line that doesn’t fully represent my ethics or my morals, then it ain’t gonna be in the song. I just want to make sure that when my kids do hear my songs there’s nothing that they can go to school and say, ‘Well my dad said do that.’ You know what I’m saying? Like that would destroy me, I think.”

Travis Denning talks about what it’s like making the transition from being a songwriter to a full-blown artist in the business:

(Travis Denning) “It’s different in a lot of ways, but then it’s also the same because I haven’t changed anything about the way I write because I knew that eventually I’d get to this point where I was dialed in on who I am as an artist. And so, when I’m in the writers’ room that’s the same thing, man. And I write a lot with the same people because I trust them and I trust that chemistry.”

Clint Black will release his 23rd album, Out of Sane, on June 19.

The 12-song offering features 11 new songs co-written by Clint, as well as a cover of “Everybody’s Talkin’, which was featured in the 1969 film, Midnight Cowboy, and earned singer Harry Nilsson a Grammy in 1970.

“Out of Sane is made up of all original songs, except for one cover,” says Clint. “I recorded it with a varied collection of musicians–some from my band and some with session players. I believe it’s one of my best albums ever and I think my fans will love it. They’ve been asking for new music for a while and I’m thrilled to finally be able to deliver after five years since the last studio album.”

Clint released the album’s lead single, “America (Still in Love With You),” on April 24, as well as a new video for the tune, which he co-penned with Steve Wariner.

Watch Clint’s new video for “America (Still in Love With You)” below.



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