4-29-20 Coronavirus Headlines

Here are some of the major coronavirus developments making headlines right now . . .

The number of known cases in the U.S. passed the one-million mark yesterday.  And the virus has now cost us more American lives than the Vietnam War.  At least 58,356 people have died of COVID-19.


President Trump signed an executive order that keeps meatpacking plants open to protect the food supply.  Thousands of meatpacking workers have already tested positive or been forced to self-quarantine.  And at least 20 have died.


U.S. House of Representatives won’t be returning to Washington next week as planned.


 A new survey found 81% of workers in the U.S. wouldn’t feel safe going back to work right now either.


 Sources say the White House is still considering whether they’ll need to send out another round of stimulus checks at some point. 


 Doctors in the U.K. are worried there’s a link between the virus and a rare-but-serious illness in kids called Kawasaki disease.


A new study in the journal “Cancer Discovery” found people with certain types of cancers are almost three times more likely to die if they get the virus.  Patients with blood and lung cancers were especially vulnerable.


JetBlue is the first U.S. airline to make face masks mandatory for all passengers.  It goes into effect on Monday.


Ohio’s Democratic primary happened yesterday, almost entirely through mail-in ballots.  Joe Biden won.  Bernie Sandersgot about 15% of the vote.


A pug in North Carolina is the first dog to test positive for the virus.  The CDC says pets should follow the same social distancing rules we do.  And dogs should stay away from other dogs when they’re out on walks.


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