4-28-20 Coronavirus Headlines

Here are some of the major coronavirus developments making headlines right now . . .


Nine states have already relaxed their stay-at-home orders, and seven more are set to by the end of the week.  The new states include Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Nevada, and Texas.



Meanwhile, a new Harvard study found 19 states ARE doing enough tests to potentially open up soon.  31 states still aren’t.  And the hardest hit states still need thousands more tests a day.



Speaking of Harvard, the school announced yesterday that there WILL be a fall semester.  But there’s still a chance all classes will be online.  Educators are still talking about when kids could go back to school, or if it’s even possible this year.



The TSA says more people boarded flights on Sunday than any day since April 3rd.  They screened 129,000 passengers, which is still much lower than the 2.5 million who flew on the same date last year.  Also, footage of a packed flight from New York to Charlotte over the weekend has been going viral.



erin strine@ErinStrine

Well silly me thinking that an airline would adhere to social distancing guidelines. Currently abroad a nearly full @AmericanAir flight and I’ve never felt less safe or cared for in my entire life

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  And finally, some potential good news:  Oxford University says the vaccine it’s been working on could be ready by September if the British government grants emergency approval.  And a new report says it’s WORKING in monkeys.  Six that were vaccinated last month still don’t have the virus, even though they’ve been exposed to it.


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