4-24-20 Good Stuff story

COVID-19 has put a halt on in person classroom teaching across Iowa. As with many Iowa schools, Clear Lake students and teachers have not been in the classroom together since March 6th 

Earlier this week two clear lake teachers were surprised when two separate drive by caravans were put together for each of them. More than 35 cars in total attended the drive by caravan which took place on two different evenings. 

Kim Quintus a second grade teacher and Kelly Cooney a Kindergarten teacher who both teach at Clear Creek Elementary stood outside their homes filled with emotion as some of their students drove by with signs, waving and saying hi to their teachers.

The Clear Lake Caravan was organized by Summer Bendickson of Clear Lake who has a child in each teacher’s classroom. 

Summer says, “these teachers love their students and it shows. They have been put in a position to completely change what they know how to do and to do it immediately so the kids can continue to learn. Both teachers did this with such enthusiasm and passion. It’s just a small way to show appreciation from the parents. There was amazing support from these families to make this happen. “

This is one memory that the teachers and the students and their parents will always remember.

(Good stuff story submitted by Michelle Horst)


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