4-15-20 Coronavirus Headlines

Here are some of the major coronavirus developments that are making headlines right now . . . 

1.  FEMA and the CDC have created a strategy to “re-open” parts of the country.  It has strategies for states and local governments on how to ease stay-at-home orders on places like schools, daycares, parks, churches, and restaurants.

The plan has three stages:  Assess an area’s readiness to “re-open” by May 1st . . . ramp up testing, funding, and hospital equipment through May 15th . . . and then start gradual “re-openings.”

 Of course, that would really hinge on widespread testing . . . which we STILL don’t have in this country.

2.  Social distancing . . . how long will that last?  A study out of Harvard says some amount of social distancing may be required on-and-off into 2022

And here’s an explanation of why the world didn’t have to shut down like this for SARS, Ebola, or swine flu.

3.  Here’s a chart of how badly coronavirus has affected the job market in every state.

4.  South Dakota, which refused to have a stay-at-home order, is now a coronavirus hotspot.  A pork processing plant had more than 300 workers catch the virus, making it one of the largest clusters in the country . . . and it’s threatening the U.S. food supply.

5.  All four of the Wisconsin Supreme Court justices who forced people in the state to vote in person last week . . . all voted by mail.  And the justice they were trying to protect by making it harder to vote LOST his re-election bid.

6.  President Trump has halted U.S. funding to the World Health Organization.

7.  The $25 billion bailout for the airlines was just officially approved with very few strings attached.

8. The stock market is up as the Federal Reserve is pumping trillions into Wall Street . . . and some big banks are worried that when people realize Wall Street is fine and we’re all still screwed, there could be, quote, “social unrest.”

This was the Dow’s best week since 1938 . . . as more than 16 million Americans lost their jobs in three weeks.  The stock market does not equal the economy or speak to the average American’s situation.

9.  A new study found there’s a chance coronavirus was transmitted to humans by stray dogs that ate bat meat.  However, the U.S. intelligence is still investigating whether the virus originated from a lab.


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