4-8-20 Coronavirus Headlines

Here are some of the major coronavirus developments that are making headlines right now . . . 

1.  The University of Washington’s projections have improved . . . the model now “only” sees around 82,000 deaths in the U.S. from coronavirus over the next four months.  The change is thanks to all the social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

The director of the CDC said, quote, “The models . . . assumed only about 50% of the American public would pay attention to the recommendations.  In fact, it would seem, a large majority . . . are taking the social distancing recommendations to heart.”

So this isn’t a cue to STOP social distancing . . . if anything, it’s proof that we need to keep it up.  Countries whose federal governments have enacted stricter distancing or lockdowns, like New Zealand, have done an even better job flattening their curve.

2.  73% of people say President Trumpshould wear a mask

3.  A memo has come out from White House economic advisor Peter Navarro . . . back in late February, he warned the White House that coronavirus could kill, quote, “one to two million souls.”  As we know, the warnings were basically ignored.

And if you’re keeping score at home, the scapegoat du jour is the World Health Organization.

4.  Wisconsin held its primary election yesterday after the state Supreme Court blocked the governor’s attempt to delay it or shift to a mail voting system.

The state assembly speaker, Robin Vos, told reporters that he fought to keep voting open because, quote, “you are incredibly safe to go out.”  He said that while wearing a face mask and dressed head-to-toe in personal protective equipment.

5.  Coronavirus seems to be infecting and killing black Americans at disproportionately high rates.

6.  The acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly resigned yesterday after he essentially called Captain Brett Crozier, quote, “stupid” for sending a memo warning about coronavirus spreading around his aircraft carrier.

7.  President Trump has removed the watchdog overseeing how the $2 trillion stimulus is spent. 

8.  Johnson & Johnson is warning that there’s a shortage of Tylenol right now.  They say the shortage is “temporary.”

9.  Amazon is apparently going to start tracking the movement of its warehouse staff and will FIRE them if they don’t socially distance from their coworkers.

10.  Calls to the help line at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration jumped 891% last month, indicating the crisis is taking a serious mental health toll on Americans.

11.  WalletHub has updated its rankings of the states taking the most aggressive measures against the virus.  New York is now number one, followed by D.C., Alaska, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

12.  Just 1% of Americans now say their lives haven’t been disrupted at all by the pandemic.


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