Iowans losing employment due to COVID-19 outbreak may be eligible for unemployment

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ state of public health disaster proclamation thousands of Iowans are working less, and some are unable to work at all.

Iowa Workforce Development says workers impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

According to the Iowa Workforce Development website, workers must meet the following criteria to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefit:

•The person must be totally or partially unemployed.

•The person must have earned a minimum amount of wages in work covered by unemployment insurance in the last 15 to 18 months

•The person must have lost his or her job through no fault of their own.

•The person must be able and available for work.

•The person must verify your identity through online verification or provide required documents.

•The person must be actively seeking work (work search may be waived if certain criteria are met).

•The person must be registered for work (unless the work search requirement is waived).

Those seeking unemployment insurance benefits are encouraged to file claims online, by calling 866-239-0843 or by emailing

Additional information can be found on the Iowa Workforce Development website.


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