A Kansas City Chiefs Player Celebrated by Helping Over 100 Dogs Get Adopted

DERRICK NNADI is a defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs.  And he’s celebrating their Super Bowl win this week in a pretty cool way.

All season long, he’s been working with a group called the Kansas City Pet Project that helps care for thousands of shelter animals each year.

Every time the Chiefs won a game, he paid a dog’s adoption fee to encourage more people to adopt.  The average fee is around $150, and the Chiefs won 15 games.  So that’s roughly $2,300.

And to celebrate their trip to the Super Bowl, he decided to cover ALL of the adoption fees for every dog they had.

He’s paying the fees for over a hundred dogs, and a lot of them have already been adopted because of it.  One estimate put the total donation somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000.

Derrick says he always wanted a dog as a kid but wasn’t allowed to get one.  So that’s why he’s been so involved. 

(WDAF / Fortune / CNN)


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