A Dentist Buys Extra Halloween Candy from Kids and Sends It to the Troops

Halloween is NOT your dentist’s favorite holiday.  But one dentist in Ohio makes the most of it each year . . .

Dan Carmichel has a dental practice in Independence, Ohio, near Cleveland.  And each year, he BUYS kids’ extra Halloween candy from them, then donates it to the troops.

If the kids show up in costume, he buys their candy for $2 a pound.  If they show up without a costume, it’s $1 a pound.

He donates all of it to a group called Operation Gratitude that sends up to HALF-A-MILLION pounds of candy to service members deployed overseas each year.

Some of the candy also goes to first responders.  Then they hand it out to kids in underprivileged communities, because a lot of them don’t get a chance to go trick-or-treating

If you want to find out more or get involved, just visit their website, OperationGratitude.com




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