A Girl Survives a Fire by Using a Tip She’d Just Learned in School

Earlier this year, a house in Akron, Ohio caught fire.  And a six-year-old girl named Zhiouli Wilson was trapped inside.  (Pronounced Zah-OO-lee)  But luckily, she knew what to do because of a fire safety class she’d JUST gone through in school.

Barb Fisher is Zhiouli’s first-grade teacher.  And two weeks earlier, she’d gone over a bunch of fire safety tips.

One of them was to stay low if there’s smoke, so you can find your way out.  And so you don’t breathe as much of it in

Apparently Zhiouli was trapped in the basement.  But she remembered to stay low and cover herself up until firefighters got there.  And it saved her life.

She still ended up with serious smoke inhalation, but made a full recovery.  And the teacher was recently honored for it as well. 

(Akron Beacon Journal / WSLS / WEWS)

(Here’s a photo of Barb and Zhiouli.)



(Note:  A few sources we’ve seen claim the safety tip was to run down into your basement to escape a fire.  But that’s REALLY dangerous, and not the right thing to do in most situations.  According to other sources, she was already trapped in the basement.)


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