A 54-Year-Old Guy Disarms a Gunman, Then Runs a Full Marathon

A 54-year-old former boxer named Jean-Paul LaPierre was stepping off a metro train in Chicago on Sunday when he saw people rushing for the doors.  Then someone told him a guy with a GUN was robbing other passengers.

So he got back on the train . . . confronted the guy . . . wrestled the gun away . . . handed it to someone else . . . and held the guy until police got there.

Then after it was all over, Jean-Paul left the metro station . . . and ran the entire Chicago MARATHON.

It turns out he’s from Boston, and was in town for the race . . . the 12th time he’s run it.  But he admitted he’s a “bandit runner” and doesn’t always pay the entry fees.

He told the local news that he hates bullies.  And he got really angry when he saw the guy’s gun.  Then once he was a few feet away, he knew the guy wouldn’t have time to react.  So that’s how he managed to disarm him.

One of the other passengers got some of it on video.  And now the footage is making the rounds online. 


(Here’s the footage, and a photo of Jean-Paul.)



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