A Cancer Survivor Used Frequent Flyer Miles to Take 33 Family Members to Hawaii

When you have a scare like this, it can really make you focus on what’s ACTUALLY important in life . . .

An older guy named Sam Pratt recently got some good news after a yearlong battle with cancer.  His doctors told him he’s in remission, and he’s got a lot of life left to live.

So he decided to celebrate by taking his EXTENDED family on a trip to Hawaii.  And he didn’t have to spend a dime on plane tickets.

Apparently he used to travel for work.  Because he had over a MILLION frequent flyer miles with Southwest.  And that was enough to buy plane tickets for himself . . . plus THIRTY-THREE family members.

His kids and grandkids all got to go.  And with that many people, Sam’s good news wasn’t the only thing they had to celebrate.

While they were there last week, they also celebrated several birthdays . . . a few anniversaries . . . and even had a gender reveal party.

Sam says he decided it was the best gift he could give everyone, because of all the new memories they get to come home with. 


(credit to: Inside Edition / WTVO)


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