Dale Earnhardt Jr. and His Family Were Involved in a Plane Crash

DALE EARNHARDT JR. was involved in a nasty crash yesterday. A PLANE crash.

Dale, his wife Amy, and their 15-year-old daughter were on one of those smaller Cessna aircraft when it rolled off the end of a runway in Tennessee and caught fire.

The plane had two pilots . . . and Dale wasn’t one of them. And apparently, there were no serious injuries.

Dale’s sister Kelley issued a statement saying, quote, “Everyone is safe and has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. We will have no further information at this time.”

Earnhardt retired from racing in 2017 and is an analyst for NBC. He was scheduled to cover Saturday night’s Cup Series event in Bristol, Tennessee, but NBC says he’s taking the weekend off to be with his family.

(It’s a wonder everyone’s okay. The plane looks pretty jacked up. Check out video of it on fire at ESPN.com.)

NEW: Video shows thick, black smoke rising from the site of a small plane crash that was carrying Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and his family. Everyone on board, including Earnhardt, escaped the wreck, said the local sheriff. https://t.co/2nqljR6C5C pic.twitter.com/noizctpZVk




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