How Runaway June’s new album “Blue Roses” got its name

Runaway June’s new record “Blue Roses,” which takes its name from a very special album track:

(Naomi Cooke) “It’s a really personal song for all of us. All of us have lost people that we love. My brother was killed in a car accident a few years ago, and I wrote that song with him in my heart. It’s a song that really, really connects us with our audience. It makes everyone feel like we’re in a living room whenever we play it, doesn’t matter where. It was just kind of unanimous that that was the name of the album and that everyone can go straight to it.”

When Runaway June was coming up with the name for their new album, their song “Blue Roses” was a pretty clear frontrunner:

(Naomi Cooke) “The title is a title track that’s on the record. And it really just kind of made sense for us to name the album ‘Blue Roses’ after the song, because it’s one of our favorite songs that we’ve ever written, so.” (Jennifer Wayne) “It’s pretty cool, too, ’cause it ends in just us a cappella three-part harmony. And that’s how the band formed was in the writing room singing harmonies, so it’s a cool way to end the record.”