A Nursing Home Worker Pulled a Guy from a Sinking Car

Some nursing home residents in Maryland had a slightly more exciting day than usual this week . . . 52-year-old Andrew Lunn works as a nurse at an assisted living facility in Salisbury, Maryland. 

And he was at work on Tuesday when someone outside put their car in reverse by mistake, and backed into a RIVER that runs past the property.

He immediately realized the driver couldn’t get out, and the cops wouldn’t get there in time.  So while his co-workers called 911, he stripped down to his skivvies and DOVE into the water.

He managed to get the guy to roll his window down . . . got his seatbelt undone . . . then PULLED him out through the window as the car went under.

An ambulance got the guy to a hospital.  And he only ended up with minor injuries.

It turns out Andrew used to be a lifeguard.  And he says working as a nurse also helped, because he’s used to dealing with high-stress situations. 

(WMDT / DelmarvaNow.com)  

Great job to our hero civilian from today’s car in the water!!!

Posted by Salisbury Fire Department on Tuesday, June 18, 2019