Michael Ray might be intimidated by one thing

MICHAEL RAY and CARLY PEARCE are still living in premarital bliss.  But there IS one thing about her that he finds intimidating.  Her talent.

He tells Pop Culture, quote, “She walks around the house just messing around and singing.  And I’m like, ‘Can you just TRY to hit a bad note?  You’re giving me a complex.  Even when you’re not trying, it sounds great.'”

Carly’s also a songwriter, so at least he can use that to his advantage.  Although they haven’t written anything yet, it’s only a matter of time. 

He says, quote, “We will write together at some point, for sure.  Hopefully for my third album.”  He’s hitting the studio soon to start recording that album, and just in case they don’t get together he does have songs ready to go.