Midland at the Surf Ballroom

Concert:  MIDLAND


WHEN: October 24th 

WHERE: The Surf Ballroom


HOW: Tickets go on sale:  Thursday June 13th at www.surfballroom.com

Tickets are $34.50 in advance, $36.50 at the door if available.

More about Midland

The band was founded in Dripping Springs, Texas, and named after the Dwight Yoakam song “Fair to Midland”. The three met separately around Los Angeles where Carson and Duddy had formed an earlier band. After Carson left L.A, Duddy and Wystrach met and also decided to form a band. The trio came together in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in August 2013 for Duddy’s wedding with both Wystrach and Carson acting as his groomsmen. As Duddy recalls the story, Carson and Wystrach arrived in Jackson Hole for the wedding a week early. After playing songs together in the front porch of Carson’s cabin and at the dinner rehearsal, they decided to form the band. After Duddy’s honeymoon, the trio went to Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX and, as stated by Wystrach, “When we went to the Sonic Ranch, we became a band. We walked away believing in what had happened”. The band later decided to move and be based in Texas. (info thanks to wikipedia)

Mark Wystrach says, “The biggest thing we’re looking to accomplish in 2019 is just to keep the momentum going. We feel like On The Rocks was the greatest thing that we’d ever recorded before. And we feel deeply that this next album is going to pick up exactly where On The Rocks left off and it’s actually going to go beyond.”

Midland has been working on their next album for a while now and Mark says, “We all feel that it’s a continuation but really an evolution in the right direction as far as songwriting recording and the overall vibe of it goes. So we just can’t wait to share it with more and more fans in 2019.”


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