J. Brooks & The Morning Rush

Weekday Mornings 5am – 10am

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J. Brooks grew up in North Iowa and has lived here all his life, although there was a 1 1/2 that he moved within the company of Clear Channel Radio to Rochester, Minnesota and then moved back to the area to start up a brand new Country station that was needed back in the area! J. Brooks is married and has 3 wonderful children!! He has been in radio for over 10 years in the North Iowa area.

J. Brooks loves sports and Country music and if you don’t see him in the community helping out then you will find him at his home with his wife and kids enjoying the summer months around the grill with a cold beverage (pop) in his hand or golfing at a local golf course, even though he plays he is still terrible so if you want someone you can beat on the course then call J. I am sure he would take you up on it! J. Brooks is also seen on the local TV channel KIMT My 3.2 at 7:10am every weekday.

Watch J. Brooks live during the morning on KIMT My 3.2!