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Recap Dustin Lynch at Surf Ballroom

dustin web copyWOW…….When you have a venue in your very own backyard like the Surf Ballroom a lot of us taken for granted.  I like to say it is the Ryman of the Midwest.  Last night I noticed a lot of people had never been to the Surf because they were looking for the bathrooms!  Which I had to chuckle because if you have been to the Surf you know where the bathrooms are located.

I have to thank all the country fans that we have in the North Iowa and Southern Minnesota area for supporting country music and 98.7 Kiss Country!!  Ya’ll are the greatest!

To start things off last night the opening act was one that a lot of people had no idea who it was…..well his name is Clayton Anderson, he has been around a few years already and originally from Indiana.  If you missed the concert you will have to check out his youtube channel, let me help you get started by giving you the link to one of his songs right here…. Thumbs up for the opener at the Dustin Lynch show!

Now as far as the headliner at the Surf Ballroom…..Dustin Lynch made his return to the Surf Ballroom to a sold out show!!  I had the chance to hang out with Dustin in Nashville at the beginning of February and he was excited to return to the Surf Ballroom and hoping there would be no snow this time since it’s not easy to drive those big buses in that type of weather.  Well, last night it snowed!!  He loves playing his music at any venue but when it comes to smaller venues he loves the up close and personal feel like you would get at the Surf Ballroom.  Speaking with him last night before the show he was excited to get out there in front of a sold out crowd!!  The crowd was pumped and ready for a show and let me tell ya, it was a show!!  Dustin rocked it all night long with the crowd singing to almost every song it was amazing!  This is why I love going to the Surf Ballroom because there is not a bad seat in the house.  So if you have been thinking or never been to the Surf then the next time a country show is announced then make sure to get tickets early so you don’t miss out on a great show!!  Even if you have never heard of the artist, it is well worth your entertainment dollar to see an artist that possibly in the future you can say I remember when I saw………..and you will have memories that you can tell for decades!!

So I got a little type happy and not good at writing a blog but if you missed the Dustin Lynch show then at least look him up and watch a video or 2 and you will see what a great artist you missed last night between the opener and the headliner!  Dustin Lynch link is right here to get you started……