11 Packing Tips for a Very Long Trip

Sometimes you just feel the need to unplug from the monotony of your everyday life and go on a very long trip. And if you’re lucky, you can actually make it happen. With that in mind, Deadspin’s Adequate Man blog has prepared a list of how to pack for such a trip. Here they are:

  1. You Need Less Than You Think. Even if you’re going to be gone for months, all you need is two weeks worth of clothing. You’ll do laundry, just like you do at home.
  2. But You Might Need These Two Things. While you should resist many of the cool trinkets at the travel store, a quick-drying towel and headlamp will be your best friends.
  3. Bring A Kindle. Because sometimes when you’re traveling to far-flung places, the internet will crap out. But at least you’ll still have something to read.
  4. Picture Yourself Getting Dressed. Check the weather where you’re going and assemble outfits that work in multiple scenarios.
  5. Do Not Bring Anything You Can’t Live Without. Now is not the time to pack the heirloom ring you inherited from grandma. Because it might get stolen.
  6. Consider Your Carry On. Bring the stuff you’ll desperately want when you inevitably discover that your checked bag is MIA.
  7. You Can Replace Just About Anything. Something will probably break or get lost, so plan your budget accordingly and move on.
  8. When Moving From Place to Place, Give Yourself Time to Organize. Pack before you sleep or drink, so you don’t accidentally forget a shoe or your favorite coat in a mad morning rush.
  9. A Word On Visas, Immunizations and Medications: Figure out what you need ahead of time and make it happen. You don’t want to end up in a foreign country lacking any of these things.
  10. Have A Good Attitude. Things will go wrong, so get ready to soldier on. Plus, anything bad that happens will probably make a great story to tell friends when you get home.
  11. Bring Some Things That Remind You of Home. When homesickness hits, it’s nice to have a little something like your favorite music or letters from a friend to help you make it through.

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