Facebook Replaced the “Like” Button With Six Emojis

It’s official . . . Facebook replaced the ‘Like’ button with six emojis you can choose from.

They announced they were doing it back in October.  But the “Like” button is so famous, you had to wonder if they’d ACTUALLY go through with it.

Well . . . they just pulled the trigger.  As of yesterday, instead of just being able to “Like” a post, you have six emoji choices.

Thumbs up for “like” . . . a heart for “love” . . . a laughing face for “haha” . . . a shocked face for “wow” . . . a crying face for “sad” . . . and a mad face for “anger.”

Originally there was going to be a seventh choice.  A happy face for “yay.”  But it didn’t make the cut.  Maybe they thought it was redundant, since there’s already “like” and a laughing face.

If you want to use them, just look underneath any post on Facebook and put your mouse on the word “Like.”  The six emojis will pop up and you can choose one.

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