21 Things Southerners Find Kind of Strange About the North

Anyone who has been to both the southern and northern United States knows that the two might as well be different countries. Here are 10 things that Southerners find strange about the region above them, courtesy of Buzzfeed.
  1. People thinking “super” is some old-fashioned world only used by grandmas.
  2. Some people not even knowing what okra is.
  3. People eating grits with NOTHING in it.
  4. Everyone calling the most delicious Thanksgiing side “stuffing” instead of “dressing.”
  5. The fact that summer has a proper beginning and ending.
  6. The fact that no one uses koozies.
  7. That thing Northerners dare to call “barbecue.”
  8. The monstrosity Northerners call “potato salad.”
  9. Strangers rarely interacting and the absence of polite conversations in checkout lines.
  10. People not being obsessed with college football.

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