18 Cliche Sports Lines to Use at Work When You’re Stumped

So if your like me and sports just really aren’t your thing then he are a few responces you can use next time the boss starts taking about that last big game that was on TV the other day.
  1. “We have the utmost respect for them.” When you come into the office hungover on Monday and your boss asks you about the competitor company you were supposed to review and analyze over the weekend.
  2. “They have unbelievable chemistry.” When your boss wants to know what you think of the new sales team the company hired and you don’t even know their names.
  3. “It’s do or die right here.” When your boss asks what the odds are you make your quarterly revenue goal.
  4. “It’s all about winning for me.” When your boss asks about your short-term and long-term goals.
  5. “We’re just taking it one day at a time.” When your boss wants to know how you and your team plan to service existing clients while trying to sign new accounts.
  6. “We’re just focusing on ourselves right now.” When your boss wants to know why your team is consistently performing at a lower level than every other department in the company.
  7. “I just want to thank God.” When your boss wants to know how you managed to sign those two new clients in less than two days.
  8. “They have all the right pieces.” When your boss wants you to analyze the startup your company is thinking about purchasing.
  9.  “She gave 110 percent.” When your boss asks what your co-worker did in order to get through the daunting amount of paperwork that was covering her desk and you barely know where she sits.
  10. “Take it to the next level.” When your boss asks how you plan to accomplish the monthly

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